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content firm that

speaks fluent biotech

For organizations innovating in the biotech & finance industries – from Series A to IPO… from FDA approval to multi-billion acquisition… our turnkey design, development and content creation service scales with you to enterprise.

“We saw our website and press communications as a direct extension of our credibility and company values. Shofsky was always our go-to creative and execution partner--from our earliest press releases, through an IPO, and ultimately to our first product launch. It is a firm that brings a discerning eye, stays current with the technology, and sweats the details.”

Compliance-minded development-from front-end to back-end

UI/UX design that’s as innovative as you

Visual aids are one of the most powerful methods to communicate complex science to colleagues, investors, and the public. Our world-class medical and science illustrations tell your story—simply and beautifully.

Content that educates your audience and elevates your brand

Communicate complex ideas and technologies by bringing the beauty of the microscopic world to life with scientifically accurate illustrations and animations.

Scientific Illustration & Animation

People remember 80% of what they see, compared to just 20% of what they read. Give them something to remember you by with cutting-edge, scientifically accurate animations and models that leverage CAD, MRI and CT data.

Video & Motion Graphics

Users spend 60% more time on web pages with video. Whether it’s educational videos or user stories, you can leverage the power of video with Shofsky’s fully equipped production house.

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