Entrada Therapeutics

Entrada Therapeutics contacted Shofsky shortly before their Series A funding was announced. On a tight timeline, they were in need of a simple website that introduced their team and technology and see them through, from product development and market research to clinical trials.

High-end design and development to meet tight financing deadlines

In just over a month, Shofsky created a clean and professional website that tells the Entrada story. Shofsky did everything from designing and developing the Entrada website, to sourcing photographers and organizing a worldwide team photoshoot to create a consistent and visually congruent leadership page. Consistent photography for a global team

Fully custom CMS to scale as Entrada grows

Custom, highly usable CMS. An interactive, scalable pipeline graphic tracks Entrada’s drug program progress and our customizable CMS makes it easy for the Entrada team to make changes in-house, if necessary.

Showcasing Entrada’s science, accurately and beautifully

Custom, interactive and scientifically accurate, Shofsky’s state-of-the-art medical illustrations and molecule graphics were as unique and beautiful as the complex science after which they were modeled.

“Shofsky designed and developed a website tailored to our company’s vision and needs as well as our science. We were impressed with how quickly and thoughtfully they executed the project and very pleased with the results.”

Cecilia Sun, Business Development & Operations

Entrada Therapeutics

Minimizing clicks increases audience engagement

Modal system to minimize clicks. Interactive, searchable graphics.  Scientifically-accurate medical illustration

Scientific Illustration & Animation

People remember 80% of what they see, compared to just 20% of what they read. Give them something to remember you by with cutting-edge, scientifically accurate animations and models that leverage CAD, MRI and CT data.

Video & Motion Graphics

Users spend 60% more time on web pages with video. Whether it’s educational videos or user stories, you can leverage the power of video with Shofsky’s fully equipped production house.

An elegant design that communicates the big picture

From custom scientific illustrations to program pipeline graphics and a clean, intuitive design, Shofsky helped Entrada tell their story, simply, beautifully, on-time and on budget.

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